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Utility Impact

Powerful tools for demand-side management results

Leverage your investment in smart metering infrastructure with customer engagement to:

  • Make visible for consumers the connection between cost, demand and consumption
  • Drive participation and communication for DSM programs including peak demand reduction initiatives
  • Gamify with the end user experience with conservation challenges and neighbor comparisons
  • Gather property profile information to make targeted rate and rebate offers
  • Deliver timely notifications based on real-time usage, system outages, and account balances

MyMeter empowers electric, gas, and water utilities and their customers to better manage end-use demand and consumption. It’s the engaging, intelligent connection that transforms meter data into insights for action.

MyMeter is here to help you achieve your goals: lower peak demand, verifiable savings, and enhanced revenue through targeted marketing and value-added services. Learn how by taking our Utility Benefits tour or find out more about MyMeter’s dedication to working hand-in-hand as a true partner to utilities from our cost-effective behavioral energy savings case study.

Customer Care

Drive increased satisfaction and lower support costs

MyMeter delivers tools for enhanced customer support and increased customer insights. It’s the bridge between interval smart meter data and information-hungry consumers:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and lower support costs by giving users and support staff the ability to discover and diagnose issues with the assistance of interactive charts and customizable heat maps that highlight use patterns.
  • Reduce high bill surprises and the need for debt-related service disconnections by offering prepayment solutions and projected bill calculations.
  • Drive engagement with built-in gamification tools like the “Energy Challenge.” Provide members with the tools they need to interpret the cause and impact of peak demand and demystify the kilowatt hour as a unit of sale.

MyMeter is rooted in the customer care function and was developed to equip utility customer service representatives with better tools to address billing inquiries. See how we’ve grown from those beginnings to a full-featured customer engagement and energy management platform by visiting our Customer Benefits tour or take a look at some real-world results from our customer satisfaction and engagement case study.

Integration Flexibility

Leverage existing infrastructure and ensure customer data protection

Integrate Seamlessly.

MyMeter works with dozens of utilities, each with their own unique metering infrastructure and information technology systems. Our goal is to carry out implementation in a matter of weeks, not months, with an eye toward the highest levels of customer data protection and cybersecurity protocols.

Typically deployed as a hosted solution, MyMeter has the flexibility to integrate through multiple methods to leverage data extracts and communicate with advanced metering infrastructure/automated meter reading (AMI/AMR) head end, meter data management (MDM), and customer information system (CIS) platforms that facilitate metering, billing, and customer account management.

True Partners.

While our platform deploys with a powerful suite of existing functionality to achieve customer engagement and demand management goals, we are constantly working to enhance the platform and address specific utility needs. We work in a build-measure-learn loop that propels us toward continuous improvement, guided by our clients' unique needs and a belief that you get what you measure.

We have experience accessing meter, customer account, billing, and operations data via a number of enterprise service bus architectures including MultiSpeak, ODBC, XML, flat files, web services, and custom APIs.

Case Studies

MyMeter's verified energy savings in MN

Multi-Utility Impact Findings

Energy efficiency savings ranging between 1.8-2.8% have been approved for four Minnesota utilities using MyMeter for customer engagement, load management, pre-pay solutions and/ or outage management notification. Hats off to Beltrami Electric Cooperative, Wright Hennepin, Lake Region Electric Cooperative, and Stearns Electric Association for offering their customers a straightforward method to review and understand their energy consumption so customers can take charge of their usage.

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Beltrami Electric Cooperative

Achieving Cost-Effective Energy Savings

I have a great appreciation for the MyMeter program. I have always believed that information and understanding are the keys to controlling one’s energy usage. When one understands the connection between the actions in the home and the associated energy usage, they then have the power to manage that usage.

Sam Mason
Manager of Marketing & Communication
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Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association

Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

The thing that always frustrated me is that we could never help people understand what a kilowatt hour was. It’s our unit of sale, but it’s not something that the customers can get their hands around or could really understand…In my career, it’s the first tool that we’ve been able to provide our consumers that helps demystify the kilowatt-hour.

Mark Vogt
President and CEO
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On Demand Savings Program driven by Accelerated Innovations’ MyMeter® recognized with MEEA Innovation Award

The On Demand Savings Program (ODS) was an energy-saving pilot program launched in 2015 by Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) and Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy (FOE), with support from Accelerated Innovations (AI), Franklin Energy, and EnerNex. The goal of the program was to find low- or no-cost ways to help MGE’s commercial customers with tools to help reduce summer peak demand and achieve energy savings.

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Watch how a school in Wisconsin saved nearly 20 thousand dollars a month from their energy bill through the use of MyMeter

The On Demand Savings (ODS) program was recognized in early 2017 with an award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance for helping MGE's business customers achieve greater savings by reducing energy use—especially in summer months when electric use peaks across the region.

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Accelerated Innovations Adds New Thought Leaders and Industry Specialists to Its Core Team

Accelerated Innovations, LLC (AI),known for its innovative engagement platform, MyMeter, has also been contributing to the overall evolution of the utilities industry. AI has consistently helped raise the bar of customer engagement and data presentment for nearly a decade by partnering with industry thought leaders and by signing experts to its national team. Most recently, Jon Hacker and Steve Nisbet, who each bring more than ten years of inside technical and field experience, are continuing their careers in the utilities sector by joining the AI team.

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Accelerated Innovations Expands into New York City with New Program and Resources

This month Accelerated Innovations, LLC (AI) expands its operations into New York with the hiring of Jonathan Hacker. Jon will serve as the Energy Efficiency Engagement Manager for a soon-to-launch commercial energy conservation program in New York City.

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