Case Study: Achieving Cost-Effective Behavioral Energy Savings

How MyMeter helped Beltrami decrease participant consumption by 3%

Beltrami Electric Cooperative (BEC) is a 20,000+ member-owned electric distribution utility serving a 3,000 square mile service territory in the lakes region of north-central Minnesota.

Spurred by mandated energy savings goals under the state’s Next Generation Energy Act of 2007, BEC looked to new ways to engage members and provide insights on energy consumption. The right solution would not only make a meaningful impact toward overall savings targets (1.5% of retail sales), it would do so while passing as little cost as possible on to coop members.

A behavioral program was judged to be an attractive component of the utility’s program portfolio, complimenting conventional rebate and assistance programs by allowing BEC to work hand in hand with members to meet their mutual goals. But implementing a successful and cost-effective program was not their only challenge. Stringent new reporting guidelines set by the state’s Division of Energy Resources complicated BEC’s ability to quantify and verify savings.

Reducing consumption. Minimizing costs. Satisfying reporting guidelines. To do it all, Beltrami needed more than just a tool. They needed a partner to stand with them throughout the entire program.