Thanks Minnesota!

AI’s MyMeter Behavioral Program Savings Are Approved by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources

Energy efficiency savings ranging between 1.8-2.8% have been approved for four Minnesota utilities using MyMeter for customer engagement, load management, pre-pay solutions and/ or outage management notification. Hats off to Beltrami Electric Cooperative, Wright Hennepin, Lake Region Electric Cooperative, and Stearns Electric Association for offering their customers a straightforward method to review and understand their energy consumption so customers can take charge of their usage.

Download the full impact evaluation by Illume Advising here!

Here’s what our utility customers have to say:

"With over 15 percent of our customers monitoring and managing their energy usage through MyMeter, it represents an important way for us to engage with customers. We’ve also added MyMeter’s pre-payment functionality and outage management features in order to broaden the services that we make available. The outage management feature sends texts and emails to customers in real time when they are experiencing an outage, allowing them to stay fully informed regarding restoration times."

Sonja Bogart
VP Sales, Services & Marketing

"Interval data means there’s a tremendous amount of information for our customers, and they need meaningful ways to process this information so they can make informed decisions about their energy usage for improved energy efficiency. AI’s MyMeter presents the data in a straightforward manner that our customers can understand and act upon. Our customers appreciate the SMS texts they receive about outages as a part of opting in to the program."

Dan Husted
VP Marketing & Communications

"Beltrami Electric’s members have really benefited from the energy efficiency savings available to those utilizing the information they access through MyMeter. Since 2010, the people who have opted into the program have seen a 2.8 % reduction in consumption in each of these years. The energy challenges and markers keep MyMeter fresh to help our customers find new ways to save. Beltrami Electric is excited to provide a platform to support the energy awareness of our customers."

Sam Mason
Energy Services & Facilities Manager

"The PowerSavers Program has benefited significantly from working with Accelerated Innovations over the last few years with their diligent work with the Division of Energy Resources on developing an evaluation method that effectively demonstrates the positive impact of the MyMeter program on energy usage. Since 2010, members who have opted into the program have seen a 2.8% reduction in consumption in each of these years. In addition to this accomplishment, they also worked closely with the participating cooperatives before, during and after the program was implemented to ensure the program was customized to fit the needs of their staff and members. We have been extremely pleased with the results."

Lisa Pickard
Energy Conservation Coordinator

Feedback from the Program Evaluator:

"AI’s MyMeter evaluation was the best-case scenario for an evaluator,” said Anne Dougherty, Founding Advisor for Illume Advising. “The program implementer, utility, regulator and evaluator were all committed to creating the most rigorous evaluation possible to assess the impact of the MyMeter platform.”

Anne Dougherty
Founding Advisor
Interested in reading the EM&V report?

Download the complete Illume impact evaluation quantifying the energy savings resulting from behavioral changes made by residential customers as a result of their interaction with MyMeter and validating MyMeter’s energy efficiency results.


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